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Alma Rosé - Sparkling Cider

Alma Rosé - Sparkling Cider

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Enjoy Brinkhall Sparkling's Alma Rosé sparkling cider, made from Finnish apples combined with Finnish wine Rondo grapes. Our semi-dry, acidic cider offers freshness and generous effervescence, creating a sophisticated and refreshing taste experience. Alma Rosé is perfect for versatile social situations. Cheers to life's colorful moments!

Process: The blend incorporated selected batches from our tanks and Finnish grape wine made from the Rondo variety. The wine was produced at our cider house. Apple juice was added to the blend to bring sweetness and fruitiness. The process involved filtration, carbonation in the tank, and bottling.

2022 | 750 ml | 5,5% alc. vol. | Gluten-free | Contains Sulfites

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