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Arctic Natural Product

Freeze-dried Bilberry

Freeze-dried Bilberry

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The package contains whole freeze-dried Artic bilberries. Our Artic bilberries have been picked from Finnish nature, on the shores of lakes of Saimaa where clean waters, air and environment have all paid part on their delicious aroma. Our berry products are free of food additives and also free from sugar, so you can experience the pure natural taste of berries.

Bilberry especially is good for stomach, brains and eyes. Artic bilberry has high amount of fibre so it is great for your stomach. Only half a cup in a day is enough. 30 g freeze-dried bilberries equivalent to 65 g fresh berries. Bilberry has positive effect on i.e. blood pressure and helps control inflammatory responses caused by diet. 

There is a strong and delicious taste in a dried bilberry, along with a beautiful blue colour. The colour of bilberry comes from anthocyanins and as an antioxidant it has many health benefits. Bilberry is also refreshing for your skin. 

Nutrition value/ 100g

Energy 1422 kJ(340 kcal)

Protein 3 g

Total fat 1 g

- saturated fat 0 g

- trans fat 0 g

Carbohydrates 80 g

- of which sugars 49 g 

Sodium 0 g 

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