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Arctic Natural Product

Freeze-dried Lingonberry

Freeze-dried Lingonberry

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Package contains whole freeze-dried lingonberries. Our lingonberries have been picked from Finnish nature, on the shores of lakes of Saimaa where clean waters, air and environment have all paid part on their delicious aroma. Our berry products are free of food additives and also free from sugar, so you can experience the pure natural taste of berries.

There's a natural sour taste to lingonberries and even when dried they hold their beautiful red colour. Lingonberry contains phenols and ellagic acid that are good for natural bacteria in the intestines, and this bacteria strengthens our immune system. 30 g freeze-dried lingonberries equivalent to 175 g fresh berries. 

Lingonberry is good for heart, but it has also been proven to balance estrogen levels and cure problems in digestion therefore it will aid in weight control. Also the antioxidants in lingonberry will protect aging cells.


Nutrition value / 100 g

Energy 1150 kJ(275 kcal)

Protein 1.5 g

Total fat 1.6g 

- saturated fat 0.1 g

- trans fat 0 g

Carbohydrates 59 g

- of which sugars 54 g

Sodium 0 g 

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