Hyvää uutta vuotta!

    Countdown to 3⃣2⃣1⃣! When the clock strikes midnight🕕, Finns greet the New Year in their unique way, by saying "Hyvää uutta vuotta!" to each other, raising their glasses high to welcome the year of 2024, saying some blessings to each other, looking forward and a good start to the new year~

    Like most people, Finns also make lists of wishes and goals at the beginning of the year (although sometimes we may forget them all or pretend not to remember😝), but this still brings we hope and exciting expectations🤲🏻

    Hyvää joulua!

    Hyvää joulua! This simple yet beautiful sentence means ”Merry Christmas“☺. If you have friends from Finland, or are visiting Finland during Christmas, you might as well say ”Hyvää joulua!“ to others to express your blessings ❤and spread warmth and joy to others.💓


    📚Today I’d like to introduce you to an interesting Finnish word — "Kippis!" In Finland, this word is not just an ordinary word, but also represents the passion and social culture of the Finns👯

    Kippis means "cheers🍻" in English. When Finns raise their glasses, they shout "Kippis!" as a way of blessing and celebrating the moment and life overall.🎊 Behind this simple word lies the friendly and optimistic attitude of the Finns’ towards life.😎